Meeting with the sons of the village

At Whitsuntide – meeting with the sons of the village in Băița, Bihor county.

The day of the Nucet city



Snow Festivals at Vârtop

Vârtop Arieșeni Snow Festivals are held each year in early February in the first or second weekend of the month. They are held on the basis of the Vârtop-Arieșeni slopes – near the two lifts. The competitions related to winter sports are the main attractions of the festivities. So you can follow ski, sled, snow sliding competitions, with unconventional objects, football with boots, etc. The concerts and outdoor disco are also one of the important ingredients of this event. Folk and light music concerts at which, singers and well known bands as: Compact, Furdui Iancu, Proconsul, Andreea Balan etc participated over time.

Besides good music, the organizers lit bonfires and offer the participants mulled wine, in order to make them happy and to heat them. On Saturday night takes place the descent of the Alba and Bihor rescuers torches, that creates on the large slope a lights show; then, it is continued with fireworks that continues the game started by the mountain rescuers. The evening ends with an outdoor disco on the Vartop I slope. Sunday is the day dedicated to songs and popular dances and of course, to many contests and other surprises the organizers. Even for those who are not passionate about winter sports, it is worh coming to the Arieșeni Snow Festivals to enjoy a winter landscape with your loved ones, music and a glass of mulled wine.