Nucet is a city located in the South-East area of the Bihor county, Crișana region, in Beiuș Depression, on the Ștei–Câmpeni road, at about 100 km. from Oradea municipality. The name of the city is closely linked to the fact that this locality is bordered by a nut plantation.


Vârtop -Talking Stone Slope



The Talking Stone Slope, or the New Slope, is just 200 m from the Big Slope, respectively, the Little Slope. Made from European funds and county co-financing, at the end of the project, this slope will reach a length of 3 km. For now, it has 1880 m, two variants of descent and a chairlift with a capacity of 1400 persons / hour (the last race at 19.50). The lift will also operate in summer, to transport tourists to the peak.

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