Beiuş Municipality Museum
Address: Piaţa Samuil Vulcan no. 1, code 415200
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La Fluturi Etnography Museum
Address: Chișcău Village, No. 86, Pietroasa Commune, code 417365, Bihor County
Phone: 0259/329 085; 0722 496 213
Web: lafluturi.ro

National Military Museum
Address: Calea Armatei Romane, no. 24

“Iosif Vulcan” Memorial Museum
Address: Iosif Vulcan Str. no.16, code 410041,
Phone: 0259/463755
E-mail: contact@mtariicrisurilor.ro

“Ady Endre” Museum
Address: Parcul Traian no.1, code 410033,
Phone: 0259/412724; 0259/412725;
Fax: 0259/479918
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“Aurel Lazăr” Museum
Address: Aurel Lazar str. no. 13, code 410043,
Phone: 0259/ 442112;
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Ţării Crişurilor Museum – Museum complex
Address: Dacia Boulevard no.1-3, code: 410464,
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Fax: 0259/479918
E-mail: contact@mtariicrisurilor.ro
Web: mtariicrisurilor.ro


Autonom Rent a Car Oradea

Established in May 2010, the car rental agency of Oradea / Bihor county rent a car, offers you for rent a wide range of new cars at fair prices.

You also get a rented car free delivery to any address across Oradea town. You can book a car online, by completing the reservation form available on this site or you can contact our representatives by telephone, from Oradea Autonomous car rental agency.

Reservation service, delivery / return is permanently available

ADRESS: P-ța Unirii No. 5, Oradea, Bihor County

BOOKINGS: +40 751 010 710



Auto Daya

Our company offers you a new service to rent new cars during 6-12 months long, cars of the DACIA and RENAULT makes, at promotional prices with unlimited Km., with carefree maintenance.

ADRESA: Oradea, Libertatii str., no. 2-4

TEL / FAX: +40 259 474 400

TEL: +40 788 523 511 / +40-0788-523511



Pârtie Arieșeni - Ski la Vârtop


Arieșeni ski for winter sports lovers.

For over 15 years, the the slope of Arieșeni was the meeting place for lovers of winter sports from Alba, Bihor, Cluj and neighboring counties.

At Arieșeni Vârtop-there are two ski slopes, and at 100 meters of these slopes, at Vârtop-Nucet you can also found a new and modern slope, equipped with lift. So, those who come to Arieșeni have more slopes to choose from.

From left to right in the image below: Vârtop II Slope, Vârtop I Slope and the Talking Stone Chairlift, with the two variants of descent: the Red Slope and the Black Slope.

Vârtop 1 – Arieșeni Slope

Vârtop 1 is the oldest ski slope in Arieșeni. Arieșeni ski slope is the first slope built in the resort. It has a length of 800 meters, a level difference of 220 meters, being equipped with lifts and night with orange lights.

On the basis of it, you will find numerous places, from where you can rent equipment for winter sports. Within the Arieșeni Snow Festivals, on this, mountain rescuers go down with torches.

Vârtop sledge slope

The sledge slope is situated right on the border between Alba and Bihor counties, near the Vartop 1 slope. It has a length of approximately 400 meters. You can find nearby sledges for rental.

Vârtop 2 – Arieșeni Slope

This slope is the first slope of Arieseni equipped with snow cannons. So, as long as it is cold, you can enjoy a great trail.

For those who are beginners in the skiing, at the base of the ski slope, you find a ski school, with numerous ski instructors and monitors that can initiate you in the secrets of skiing. Among them, there are some national skiing champions.

The Vârtop 2 Arieșeni 2 has a length of 430 meters, level difference of 105 meters and has nocturnal white light.

Vârtop New Slope – Talking Stone Chairlift

This slope is equipped with a modern debrayable lift – so, in the embarkation and descent station, the speed of the seats is lower, so that the skiers could ascend and descend more comfortable. Each seat can carry up to 4 persons, in total there are 46 seats and the maximum running speed of each one is 5 meters per second; so it can carry 1,400 people per hour.

The chairlift has a length of 1,095 meters and has 2 descent versions: the red slope with a medium difficulty degree and the black slope for advanced skiers. The slope is equipped with a modern devise and with white colour nocturnal. At the base of this slope, take place every year, the Snow Festivals of the Vârtop-Nucet.

The skiing in Arieșeni to the Talking Stone Chairlift is running in the best conditions.


The passing from a slope to another

Due to the small distance between these slopes, skiers can choose several variants of descent. They can easily switch from one slope to another. Vârtop I and II slopes, being separated only by a protective net, the passing from one to another is made on the basis of it.
In order to move from the Vârtop I slope to the “Talking Stone” new slope, the mountain rescuers have marked a trail that goes from the top of Vârtop 1 slope, and reaches on the “Talking Stone ” slope, near the ramification between the red and black slopes.

For those who do not have ski equipment, along with these trails you will surely find the necessary equipment to rent:skis, boots, poles, eyeglasses, sticks, boards, and of course sledges.

Throughout the ski season, mountain rescuers from Alba and Bihor are present, to provide medical assistance if needed and to prevent accidents. Well-trained people of the mountain, ready to intervene immediately. The Bihor mountain rescue base is between the Vârtop 1 and Talking Stone slopes, and of that from Alba county, in Bubești-Arieșeni village, at 2 kilometers from the slopes.

The Vârtop-Arieșeni slopes and Vârtop-Nucet open their doors as soon as the snow layer is high enough to be able to ski. Usually, the skilifts and the chairlifts operate from the mid of December to the 8 to 15 March.


Zip Line

The Zip Line is considered as being an extreme sport, though you do not need knowledge or training for it and everything runs in a frame as sure as possbile. Via ferrata is the Italian name of the iron road, a mountain route equipped with fixed cables, wooden stairs, ladders and bridges, which make possible the climbing of mountaing routes, recently isolated or difficult to follow. Moreover, these routes are available to people with less-developed climbing skills without the need of ropes or own climbing devices and especially being not subject to the risks associated with unprotected climbs.

The Zip Line of the Cave with Cristals from Farcu Mine

It is situated on the territory of the Roșia commune, Bihor county. The Zip Line has a length of 300 meters, being the second one as length in the country, compared with that one of Harghita-Băi.

Price: 10 lei/round

The Zip Line is administered by the Center for Protected Areas and Durable Development , Bihor.

For additional information contact: capdd-bihor.org

The Zip Line of Meziad Cave

It is situated on the territory of the Remetea commune, Meziad village, Bihor county. At the entrance of the Meziad cave, it was put a zip line, of approximately 100 meters long, which crosses the small river which springs from the cave.

Price: 10 lei/round

The Zip Line is administered by the Center for Protected Areas and Durable Development , Bihor.

For additional information contact: capdd-bihor.org

The Zip Line of Vârciorog

It is situated on the territory of the Vârciorog commune, Bihor county, near the Osoi Cave. The Zip Line is administered by the Carpatic Fun.

For additional information contact: carpaticfun.com