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    A person who really wants to know the country of Beiuș, must beging his intercessions, with a visit to Beiuș Municipal Museum. This museum is one of the  regional representative museums of Romania  of ​​the  Romanian museum circuit, being a genuine repository of significant information about this area of ​​great tradition, great history and great touristic beauty. The Beiuș Museum has two basic exhibitions, one in history and one of ethnography, since 1985 but also an expanded space, suitable for the numerous temporary art exhibitions, natural sciences exhibitions, etc.

         The building, a historic monument, the former home of the memorandum Vasile Ignat and of the martyr John Ciordas, was built in the late of the XIX-th.century in eclectic style, with Baroque dominant. The museum is functioning in its current headquarters since 1965, initially with an eclectic collection. Since 1985 the museum is organized as a representative museum of history and ethnography for Beiuș – Vascau area. The museum is representative for the history and ethnography of the Beiuș-Vascau depression, respectively, the superior basin of the Black Criș. At present it has a section of ethnography with a theme based on folk crafts, history department, two rooms for temporary exhibitions.  The collection’s dominant is the ethnography and folk art (about 3,000 pieces). All items come from the area, being representative for the categories: wearing, interior fabrics, household items, tools, furniture, ceramics, icons, carpenters workshop in Budureasa. The oldest piece of ethnography is a beam, from 1741 year. The collection of history and archeology includes: pieces of the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Dacian civilization, the Middle Ages and modern history.


    Address: Piaţa Samuil Vulcan no. 1, code 415200

    Phone: 0259 322 247

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