• Detailed description ⛺  Coiba Mare Cave

    Coiba Mare is a cave located in Alba County, at 300 meters from the hamlet of Stone House.

    The total length of all galleries exceeds 4 km, and the most interesting part of this cave, is the portal (entrance to the cave) whose size is of 47 meters high and 74 meters high.

    You can visit it during the entire year – light sources are needed, and to visit the entire cave, a caving equipment is required. In periods of high flow of the Grădișoara river is not indicated to visit the cave because of the potential flooding of narrow passages and because of the impossibility of going out of the cave, up to smaller waters.

    A  frail brook, totally insignificant compared to the colossal opening, it appears under the left bank of Girdișoarei of Izbucul from Coiba and strains bravely under huge arches. It is an excellent guide,  because following it, we will find more easily the way to the cave depths. Piriul is crossing in the beginning a vast hall – the Great Hall, which narrows more and more like a giant funnel. On the sides, at different heights, you can see the openings of galleries which lead to a superior system, very vast and highly labyrinthine. From this cause and from numerous technical difficulties’s, the visiting is not recommended for tourists. In the bottom of the narrow hall, the brook strains under two consecutive low vaults, which requires a crawl fof several meters (quite hard to find when the brook is drying), then it pulls through Jeannel Hall.     

    From here, through a high tunnel, the water wire goes out in the second room of large dimensions, named Confluenței Hall. Here it joins a more vigorous  water stream, that is actually representing the underground leaking of waters of Girdisoara Valley. These waters dissapear of their bed from the surface, by a mouth  that is difficult to access and  with inhospitable appearance of the Coiba Mica cave, located with 350m upstream. Their underground road crosses a long draintrap of 60m long and 10m deep, that clearly separates the Coiba Mică from Coiba Mare. Then, beyond the Confluenței Hall, the waters are following a large gallery, by which the advancing becomes more difficult, because of the larger course of water. A waterfall about 3m tall and two deep lakes, which can not be overcome, unless by means of rubber boats, form barriers difficult to cross. After 386m, a third lake, this time drainedtrapped, appears as an obstacle, that makes unable, any mean of exploration:  on the black mirror of the water, the floods have gathered over the years countless logs, crowded into a chaotic branches weave and stumps, which neither the boat nor the diver can face. It is called the Lake of Death. The water passes through  at least 2.5km of  unknown galleries, before it appears again on the surface of the right bank of  Girda Seacă, theough Izbucul from Tauz, in a place called “La Moara Filii”.