• Detailed Description ⛺ of the The Holy Trinity Waterfalls

    Nature is a skillful creator. By their beauty, waterfalls represent an attraction for tourists from around the world.

    Waterfalls, by friction, produce a phenomenon of air ionization, a phenomenon that always fascinated, by providing a unique unforgettable sensation, to the visitors.

    The Waterfalls area under the Cucurbata Peak, is accesible from Cărpinet – Leheceni – Săliște of Vascău – Poiana. On the right side, on a secondary valley, there is the Cârligoi Cave (40 m), in the middle – Hotăran Cave (80 m) and on the left side, Fântanele Cave (65 m), also named Sfânta Treime Waterfalls.

    The Hotăran  Waterfalls is the largest waterfall under the Cucurbata Mare Peak, that pours into 3 stages totaling about 80 m. Seen from the base, you ca see only the first step, of about 30 m. To get to the second step,  you can climb very steeply, by the right side of the first water fall.

      A less known place, but a unique one in the country: very steep valleys, difficult to access, dozens of streams that descend to the valley by countless jumpers, in a symphony of water.