•  Detailed Description ⛺ Flowers Glade

           Located on the steep slope that descends under Galbenei Stones, up to the Yellow Valley,  the Flowers Glade consists of a group of  glades, like islands in the beech forest.

          Fully deserving its name, the Flowers Glade is a true paradise in the summer months when hundreds of species of flowers, are flooding the sunny slopes. The meadows are particularly rich in this area.

           At the bottom of the glade, at the border of the forest road on Galbenei Valley there is a spring with cold, drinkable water. The landscape is dominated to the North by the Galbenei Stone, whose slopes exceed 200 m.

          The opposite side is a steep wooded cleft by the Dry Valley, descending from Țapu Mountain, bringing loess silt from Ruginoasa Pit.

         On the right of the Dry Valley, the Vârseci Hill, shelters the cave with the same name, having an imposing portal and a gallery of 440 m of concretion.

          A series of streams, marked by strips of forest and scrubland, crosses the top of the clearing, creating a valley with a considerable flow. For this reason, sometimes the land is quite marshy.