•   Detailed Description ⛺ Galbenei Keys

    The Galbenei Keys –  the wild nature in its purest form.


       Giant rock walls eroded by the water of the Galbenei Valley in spectacular shapes. Grottos and hidden caves, an underground river, The Evantai Waterfall and Izbucul Galbenei – a few reasons for you to visit the Galbenei Keys.

    Adventure and adrenaline are running through tunnels and climbing chains.

    The Galbenei Keys trail is recommended for the most experienced tourists, having a higher degree of difficulty.

    How to get to the Galbenei Keys?

           Starting from the center of Arieșeni locality, follow the paved road that passes through the shops and town hall, climbing the valley Cobleș through the Fata Cristesei village, up to to the village of Cobles. The touristic marking which must be followed is the yellow triangle.

      For those who want to shorter the way, you can drive your car from Arieșeni until Cobles and from the ABCs of Cobles follow further the rock road that climbs  on the Goji Valley and then goes down on the Luncșoarei valley up to the entrance into Galbenei Keys . This portion of the road is accessible for any vehicle, up the Luncșoara Canton. At the entrance into the Keys you will find some touristic indicators and a billboard. Through the Keys we  recommend you to follow the marked and arranged route in the most difficult places, with chains for your safety.

    What can I visit near Galbenei Keys?

    Ponor Fortresses – a real natural fortress with three portals, from which one is gigantic.

    Focul Viu Glacier (Live Fire Glacier) –  the cave where light and ice give their meeting in mid-summer to create a special show.

    Galbenei Stone – a  beautiful lookout point above the rocks.

    Avenul Bortig – a vertical point which shelters one of the biggest ices blocks of the Romanian undergrounds.

    What routes of maximum one day can I make, which would include the Galbenei Keys, too?

    Arieșeni – Cobles – Galbenei Keys – back (yellow triangle starting from Arieșeni);

    Arieșeni – Cobles – Galbenei Keys – Flowers Glade – Live Fire Glacier – back;

    Arieșeni – Cobles – Galbenei Keys – Avenul Bortig – Galbenei Stones – back;

    Arieșeni – Cobles – Galbenei Keys – Avenul Bortig – Ponorului Fortresses – Arieșeni