•  Detailed Description ⛺ Izbucul Galbenei

          The Izbucul Galbenei is situated in Apuseni Mountains. It is accesible from the route of the i Galbena circuit.

         The Izbucul Galbenei is a quiet body of water of 6-8 m diameter, nestled at the foot of a rock wall. I say it is a lake, if from it, there would not roll away a big waterfall flow.

          Here, a river is gushing from the rock, with blue-green water, a little milky and very cold. It is the water that entered the underground of the Ponor Fortresses, after a journey of 3.7 km, here, it gives rise to the Galbena River (Yellow River).
          Slightly below we can admire other waterfalls and the marmites chain, hollowed into waters.   Around the area you can reach, going on a branch with a serpentine descent, which takes us above the water, where you can admire this extraordinary show.