• Detailed Description  ⛺ Molhaşurile from Izbuce

    The Peat Complex of Izbucelor Valley covers an area of ​​48 hectares and is situated in the springs of Hot Someș, at an altitude of 950-1000 m. The most impressive is Molhaşul Mare, which covers an area of ​​about 8 ha, with an average thickness of 4 m of peat and a volume of 320,000 cubic meter of peat.

    Bogs are formed in areas with excessive moisture, on level ground with silicon substrate. Due to the thickness of the peat of more than 1 m, the plants are isolated from the ground and become dependent on rainfall. Here and there appear bottomless black water lakes.

          These lakes are between 1-5 square meters and 0.2 to 7 m deep, some with free water and other with vegetation and being clogging. Here lives the Dew of the Sky (Drosera rotundifolia), the only terrestrial carnivorous plant in Romania. It can be easily recognized by its hairs, a kind of tentacles with sticky secretion, looking like dew, from them comes, the name of the plant, too.

         You can also meet here the juniper at the lowest altitude in the country. Due to the fragility of the peat bog habitat, the area is protected; it was built an observation tower for those interested in this habitat.