• Detailed Description ⛺ Vârtop Glacier Cave

    Due to numerous white limestone formations and their beauty, Vârtop Glacier Cave is also called Wonderland. Not very long but very nicely decorated, hidden in spruce and fir forest near the village Stone House Arieșeni. Cave – nature monument, closed in the past for tourists is now accessible in tourist season, only guided.

    In the first room of the cave, before a metal gate, there are several ice blocks that can hold from one year to another. Their size is much smaller compared to Scărișoara

    In this cave have been discovered three Neanderthal footprints. They unfortunately are no longer found in the cave. One was lost, another was stolen and the last one was taken to the Institute of Speleology in Cluj-Napoca.

    The visitation area  is demarcated with red and white ribbons, the guide is the one that has several light sources. The cave does not shows great unevenness, so that one can visit it, but only with a bit of attention. It is advisable to have your own light sources to better admire the cave; and cloths adequate to a temperature of + 4 ° C. 

    How to get to Vârtop Glacier?

     From Arieșeni, follow DN75 up to Garda de sus – center, then turn left on the asphalt road. After about 1 km. from the intersection of the Ordâncușa (right) valleys with the Gârda Seacă (left) and turn left following the main road and Gârda Seacă Valley up to the Stone house village.     

     In the Stone House, ask advice from the guide of the Vârtop Cave, who will accompany you to visit the cave. The ticket price is 10 lei.

    What can I visit near Vârtop Glacier?

    Coiba Mare Cave – the largest portal of Romania.

    Coiba Mica Cave – at whose entrance, the spring with the melting snow forms a real lake.

    Huda Orbului Cave – situated near the Stone House village

    Izbucul Tauz – the deeoest sunk cave of Romania.

    What routes of maximum one day can I make, so that the Vârtop Glacier would be included, too?

    • Arieșeni – Gârda de sus – Izbucul Cotețul Dobreștilor – Izbucul Tauzului – Coiba Mare Cave – Coiba Mica Cave – Vârtop Glacier – back
    • Arieșeni – Gârda de sus – Poarta lui Ionele Cave – Cheile Ordâncușii – Ghețarul Scărișoara Cave – Izbucul Tauz – Coiba Mare Cave – Coiba Mica Cave – Vârtop Glacier -back