• Groapa de la Barsa - tourist circuit

    Duration: 2 h, without visiting the caves
    : 5 km
    Level difference
    : +150 m / -150 m
    Notes: Easy road, accessible all year round.


    The route starts from a clearing, where you can get from Galbena Circuit the yellow dot. In this clearing there is an indicator board. From here, in about 30-40 minutes you can visit the Living Fire Glacier.

    Another deviation leads to the Yellow Stone, and our route starts to descend through the forest, passes a spring, near a dolina and goes down to the bottom of a 60 m high cliff, where we find the entrance of the Black Cave. The cave can not be visited without special equipment. From the cave, the trail climbs the limestone cliffs and heads to round lake of 14 m diameter: Tăul Negru.

    The trail goes around the lake and after approx. 230 m it reaches the pothole of Bârsa Glacier. From here, begins a deviation to the Bârsa Glacier, and further to Zăpodie Cave, a cavity 7 km, inaccessible to tourists. Returning to the start of the deviation,  it follows a climbing of a half hour, where it meets the -Vârtop highway. From here, the route descends into Bălileasa depression. On the way to Padiş
    it meets Pietroasa – Padiș. Before Padiş we are joined by Thief’s Stone – Padiș.