• Galbena - tourist circuit

    Duration: 10 h
    : 19 km
    Level difference
    : +1100 m / -1100 m
    : Difficult road, with big level differences, accessible only in summer.


    The route starts from the Padiş Chalet, together with the blue point, yellow cross and red triangle. The first saddle leaves the Ponorului Fortresses, and in the Round Glade, the touristic trails Padiș-The Lost World. The trail descends to the Ponor glade, crossed by the Ponor brook, which flows in the right spring and disappears through left sink. From here, the trail climbs steeply, then descends and crosses a forest road, on which there are 2 markings- Vărăşoaia-Vârtop, respectively Glăvoi -Stone House. After five minutes we get to a dolina-sink, here,  Poiana Padiş Căput leaves us. Our marking turns to the left and climbs near the sinkholes, stands on a rocky spur, where we can admire the dizzying depths of Ponor Fortress. After approx. 20 minutes from the separation markings, from the right side, the blue point mark returns for a short time. Those who do not have enough time to visit the Fortresses can continue the road on the blue dot, and in 15 minutes can reach the first three balconies, turning then to continue the road  towards Galbena.

    A steep ascent takes us to the ridge, where the trail descends about. 20 minutes, where it unfolds on a right side of a path for the Bortig Glacier. Back to the path, we go down a level difference of 360 m, continue horizontally for 20 minutes, and leave the road and the ridge and descend to the left, to the foot of a wall, where we can find the Izbucul Galbenei, which continues its road through a waterfall with big debit, toward the Galbenei Keys.

    A derivative descent takes us above the water, where we can admire a waterfall and water hollowed operated furnaces.

    We return to the path, it follows a descending with the cable set here, and we get to a sink, where all the water is lost. We continue our way horizontally, until a sinkhole on which opens a cave entrance, that becomes the window of an underground gallery. We descend a scree, we reach the water, where we admire the beautiful Fan Waterfalls.

    From here we continue down the path by the water. We go down this way about. 250 m., reaching an altitude of 750 m, the lowest point of the route. We arrive at the bridge over Galbena, where we tangentially meet Pietroasa – Arieşeni. On the right bank, starts the climbing up, until above the walls of the Galbnea valley

    From here, a branch gets us on the ridge, where under us, at above 200 m, lies the thread of the valley. After a further 10 minutes another branch gets us down at 30 m difference of level, from where the Yellow Valey panoramic view is  amazing. We return to the path, that leads us on a ridge wide with a road, which descends us into the Flowers Glade. From here we continue up on the steep slope, to a large road, that follows the contour. We arrive in a small clearing, where a branch with red mark, leads us to the Cave of the Living Fire. Returning to the glade,  the trail turns right, and starts climbing the Peak  of the Stone Yellow (1234 meters), from where it opens a view on the surrounding mountains. After 15 minutes we reach a wide path, an arrow indicates a spring at 5 minutes. From here, is starts the Bârsa Pit Circuit. We begin to climb a ridge, after which there follows a sharp descent, until the Fortresses Valley. We cross the valley and within minutes we arrive to the Glăvoi Canton, where, together with the blue point, we reach the Padiş Chalet..