• Padiş - Gârda de Sus Route - tourist trail


    Duration: 10 h
    Length: 26 km
    Level difference: +500 m / -1100 m

    Note: It is accessible all year round.

    From Padiş, the blue highway continues to the IC Ponor forest road, with the blue triangle, it passes the saddle, and where the road makes a 180 degree ell, the markings leave the road, and go to South. After 300 m, Padiş-Scărişoara leaves us.

    We turn to the left (SE) and climb the Cave Hill, we go through an area with sinkholes and reach a saddle. Nearby, is the Bătrâna Pothole. From the saddle, the route crosses the Călineasa plateau and reaches the Capul Șanțului saddle (1386 m).

    From here, we go to the left, pass the Eagle Valley and  enters into the woods. The route takes us to NW-SE direction, up to the galde under the  Cluj Peak, from which it descends to the carriageway road. We follow it up until the Scărişoara Hostel. Here the road turns to the East, and after 1 km., our trail leaves it, and after another 1 km., it starts to descend in serpentines, until the Ordâncuşii valley.

    The marking crosses the Ordâncuşii Keys and passes right in front the Gorobana lui Gârțău and Ionele Cave caves, and after another 500 m, it reaches Gârda de Sus, on DN (national road) 75. About the last segment of the Scărișoara Cave- Gârda de Sus route – in reverse sense – you can read here: Gârda de Sus-Scărișoara.