• Băiţa-Şaua Vârtop - tourist trail

    Duration: 5 1/2 h
    Length: 20 km
    Level difference: +750 m / -50 m
    Notes: Road accessible in summer


    The marking starts from the Băița commune,  on the road that climbs the Crișului Băița Valley, and follows it up to its confluence with the Great Valley. From here, we continue on the road that goes up further on the Crişului Băița valley, namely, to the right. When the road makes a bend to the right and starts to descend, then out marking begins to go up toward left, to the Bihorului Gates. In the cave, during the rainy season, after the portal, there is a powerful cascade of 4 m. Leaving the place, we arrive at the mouth of the mine, from which the water exits. At 200 m above, on the right slope, we meet a road, that runs horizontally. A continuous uphill through the forest, gets us to Vârtop Saddle, after 2 1/2 – 3 hours.