• Băiţa - Ţapu Peak - Vârtop Trail

    Duration: 4 1/2 h
    Length: 13 km
    Level difference: +900 m / -300 m
    Notes: Accessible road all year long.


    The route starts from the center Băiţa commune, on the road DN (nationalroad) 75. At the  intersection curve with the V. Mare, it engages briefly on the forest road, which accompanies this valley.

    From here, goes stressly up, intersecting many forestry roads, crossing the Chicera karst plateau.  Further,  the ascent becomes much slower, on a well-defined path, carved into the coast of the Black Stones.

    This road is known as Moților Road. The marked trail is intersecting the Câmpani- Sighiştel Valley-DN (national road) 75 and Ștei-Vârtop Saddle markings. From here, it goes up markedly in the meadow just below the Țapu Peak (1475 m). Then, it descends to the Ruginoasa Pit. There follows a sector of slopes which crosses the La trei morminţi Peak (1318 m)., from where, it follows a stressed descend, which takes us out to the DN75 (national road) to theVârtop touristic locality.

    Attention to the last sector, because there, they have built several  holiday houses,  thus, cutting  many trees with tourist markings!