• Câmpani - Valea Sighiştel Trail

    Duration: 4 1/2 h
    Length: 12.5 km
    Level difference: +1000 m / -200 m
    Notes: Difficult road, accessible only in summer.


    The route starts in the center of the Câmpani locality. From DN (national road) 75 it detaches a road to Sighiştel, it crosses the village, and reaches the camping, and from here, the path forwards in the valley, on one bank, and on the other. We arrived in Sighiştel Valley, the speleologists paradise. In the valley there are over 200 caves, from a few meters to several kilometers.

    Here are a few: at the end of the village there is Cornii Hill. Immediately upon entering the keys, on the right side, there is the Varniţa Cave. Beyond Sohodolul Hidrii, on the left bank, there is the Bridge Cave. Above, on the left side, there rises the Long Stone spur, and vis-a-vis is the Rea Valley.

    Beyond the Izbucul la Gârnița, there is the Corbasca Cave and above, the cave of the Zvârlişul Corbeștilor. After the place called Strâmtura, in the Dâmbul Colibii, there is the Great Cave of the Dâmbul Colibii. On the Blidaru creek, there is the Răsuflătoarea Blidarului Cave. Further upstream, on the left, it opens the imposing portal of the Drăcoaia Cave. In the keys below, you can see the Gaura Feții Cave.

    Above, in a wild area, on the left, their is the Pişolca Cave, and after the Sodolului Chifului confluence, the marked path, hoes up to the right slope, leading to the caves of Măgura and Coliboaia. Before going on the road, one can visit the upper Keys of the Sighiștelului Valley .Our path ascends on the right side of the valley, up to the thread of a dale, covered with large blocks of limestone.

    It passes the two paths toward the mentioned caves, goes further and crosses a narrow area, above the canyon. After Măgura brook, in the valley of which lies the Cave of the Secăturii Hill, it goes down to the confluence with the Cheia Rea Peak. From here, it goes up on the inclined valley of the Sodolul Mare, up to a dry completely forested valley on the left.

    After 40 minutes, it meets a road, on which it continues 8 minutes, then abandons it, stressly climbing to the right, through the woods, up to a clearing. After crossing the pasture, the trail reaches the road called Calea Fusului, which is followed by, until the exit on DN (national road) 75, to km 25 + 100.