• Piatra Tâlharului - Padiş - tourist trail

    Duration: 4 1/2 h
    : 16 km
    Level difference
    : +250 m / -600 m
    : A practicable road all year, in winter on skis.

    From the Piatra Tâlharului (Thief’s Stone), our route passes the Briței peak, after which it goes out again on the crest, above the rocky abrupt of the Brăiesei Coast. After passing the Piatra Grăitoare (TalkingStone), it gets in a saddle, that is your starting point for Talking Stone- Runcul Ars. Further, our marking, advances on the peak, it reaches the Cumpănăţelul Saddle.

    Here it meets Stâna de Vale-Vărăşoaia. From here, the road is common with the red lane path, first of all is goes down on a path, then, it reaches a forest road. Here it finds: Stâna de Vale-Vărăşoaia.

    On the forest road our route heads along with the red lane, to Vărăşoaia. The place where the road makes a 90 degree angle towards the Vărăşoaia Glade, also meets with the Warm Someș Circuit. From here, the three markings are heading towards the Vărăşoaia Glade.

    Before reaching the meadow, it also meets the Măgura Vânătă Circuit, and approx. 200 m before the Vărăşoaia chalet, we met Padiş Canton- Vărşoaia Chalet.

    From Cabana Vărăşoaia we walk 600 m. on forest road, and we separate from red lane, our route continues through the woods, at the foot of Măgurii Vânete. On leaving the forest we get to Padiș plateau.