• Scărișoara Glacier - Touristic Trail

    Routing: 3 1/2 – 4 hours.The routing refers to the necessary time to walk the distance from the center of Gârda communne to the cave and back away on foor. Scărișoara Glacier is a tourist attraction of national interest, being the largest ice cave in the country (approximately 27,000 cubic meters of ice with a thickness of 26 meters) and one of the few in Europe. Scărișoara Glacier is at an altitude of 1150 m.

    The cave has two floors, of which only the upper is accessible to tourists. This includes ice formations, formations that are modified every summer because of melting.  The second floor, the lower is accessible only to speleologists and has huge calcite formations.

    Regarding the route it must be said that from Vârtop and up to Gârda until the 20km. route described below begins, this distance can be traveled by public transportation. In the center of Gârda commune we will meet an indicator to ‘Scărișoara Glacier’ indicator that mentions a distance of 18 km to the cave.

    This distance is one of the options for access to the cave and consists of crossing the forest road that crosses Ordâncușei Valley. If you opt for this version we have the opportunity to visit the ‘Ionele’s Cave’, a beautiful cave that is still active. “Ionele’s Cave ‘is 3km. from the main road.

    Another option for access to the glacier following the tourist trail with the marking’ red cross’  is the route that starts from the intersection located at 800m of forest road that starts from the commune center. In this intersection is a bridge where there meet Ordancușei Valley (right) with the Dry Valley (left) and here we meet and pointer to the cave ‘Ionele Gate’ and the one for ‘Scărișoara Glacier’. From this intersection the trail climbs Mununa heal, through the woods. The climb takes 30-45 minutes and passes near the Mununa hamlet. When we reach the Mununa top, we will meet a forest road, at which point we can admire the beautiful view that unfolds in front of our eyes. On this forest road we will continue our trip to the Glacier hamlet, hamlet which is 10 minutes from the cave. In the Glacier hamletwe will have the opportunity to visit a museum with various traditional items used in the own household by Moți. A third variant is a very steep forest road that climbs very abruptly from Dry Valley to Mununa Hill, the way that we met in the previous version.

    This variation is the version used by locals who provide transport from the center of Gârda commune to the glacier with their own means of transport.