• Vărăşoaia-Vârtop Trail

    Duration: 4 1/2-5 h
    Length: 14.5 km
    Level difference: +600 m / -800 m
    Notes: Road accessible all year round, in winter on skis.


    The trail of the 1 highway, continues from Vărăşoaia, after it splitting from the 2 highway, with blue lane-Padiş Thief’s Stone. After 30 minutes, we reach a crossroads, where we go forward, among the remains of sinkholes, we passe next to some lakes and we reach the Bălileasa Glade.

    From here begins the climb up to the saddle. Here we meet the Bârsa Pit Circuit. In the Glăvoi area, we meet twice the markings of the circuits: Galbene Circuit and Padiş- Ponorului Fortresses. The trail reaches the place where the forest road splits in two branches, we start to the right side, on the Dry Valley, where we will meet Padiş –Căput Glade.

    Our route climbs gently through the forest, and a little bit up, it turns right, here, Glăvoi-Stone House leaves us. The route after about 1 hour reaches Bortig creek. We cross the water and we reach a large clearing. We continue on the level curve toward South, we reach another clearing, it follows a short ascent, in order to reach the peak. From here, we descend to the Poniţa saddle.

    From the saddle, our trail climbs the ridge a little bit, in order to get off through the right of the Vârtop peak, up to a forest road, which by the Poieniţa hamlet gets to Vâtop glade and Vârtop holiday village. We are at an altitude of 1195 m, at km 27 on the DN (national road)75, at 10 km from Arieșeni, in Vartop saddle.

    Continuing of the highway: Stâna de Vale-Vărăşoaia and Vârtop Saddle – Bihorul Peak.