• Vârciorog Falls - Touristic Trail

    Routing: 2 hours.

    In this case, routing refers only to the distance to be traveled from the national road to the waterfall and back.  The hiking trail starts near the km.’s 35. So, the 7km. distance from Vârtop was not taken into account, because it can be covered with different means of common public transportation or personal means.  The Vârciorog waterfall is situated in the Biharia massive, at an altitude of 1090m.  The access to the waterfall is done on the forest road that turns to the right about 100 meters before the kilometer 35. This forest road crosses through the middle of a hill and then goes down the  on the Vârciorog valley, following this valley either on the right side or on the left side. After about 200m from the national road, we will encounter a bifurcation, and we will choose the left variant. What you should note on this route, are the old wooden bridges that cross the Vârciorog valley, the distance from the road to the first wooden bridge is of 800m-1km. There is no risk to get lost if you follow the water that will take us straight to the waterfall. However,  the trail is marked with a ‘yellow dot’, marking, which we will meet only on the valley and not  on the national highway. The waterfall is about 15m tall, its flow depending on the rainfall quantity. For those interested, near the waterfalls, there is are an abandoned mine shaft.