• Vârtop Saddle - Bihorul Peak Trail

    Duration: 5 h
    Length: 12 km
    Level difference: +700 m / -100 m
    Notes: Road accessible all year round, in winter on skis.


    The ridge trail (highway1) continues from the Vârtop Saddle. It runs from the rangers’ house with a floor, and continues on the forest road toward South. After 15 minutes, it makes a bend to the left, and after another 10 it crosses a brook, where we can make supply with water. After another 10 minutes, the road makes a strong bend to the left, and goes out of the woods. So far we have climbed 120 m. For the next 300 m, we climb from the road, through a forest and a few switchbacks.

    After 40-60 minutes of climbing, at the elevation of 1500 m, the road makes a bend to the left (not before!) and after 5 minutes we reach the main ridge of the mountain. We continue on the ridge to the right. After 20 minutes we reach the top of the Talking Stone (1658m).

    After a 10-15 minute descent we reach the Tarniţa Bihorului Saddle, from where we climb the next peak, with high voltage pylons. Chicera is the height of the peak, from where, in 30 minutes we reach the Bihorului Peak or the Curcubata Mare (1849m). Here also arrives the blue lane marking.

    From here, the red lane along with the blue lane, will descend to the Biharia saddle and the Big Lake.

    baArieşeni-Tăul Mare

    br Vf. Bihorul – Tăul Mare