Description - Transport on Cable

Opening hours for the Nucet -Vârtop Chairlift

  • MONDAY 12 – 17
  • SUNDAY 10 – 18

Note: In the school, students and public holidays, the program is running between the hours 10-20.

Contact Vartop Chairlift: +40722 361 801

Tickets and subscriptions prices:

Nr. crt. Numar urcari / bilet / cartela Tarife adulti Tarife copii
1. Bilet 1 urcare (valabil in ziua emiterii) 10,00 5,00
2. Bilet 6 urcari (valabil in ziua emiterii) 55,00 25,00
3. Cartela 12 urcari (valabila in ziua emiterii) 100,00 + 10 lei garantie 45,00 + 10 lei garantie
4. Cartela 18 urcari (valabila 7 zile incepand din ziua emiterii) 145,00 + 10 lei garantie 65,00 + 10 lei garantie
5. Cartela 24 urcari (valabila 7 zile incepand din ziua emiterii) 190,00 + 10 lei garantie 85,00 + 10 lei garantie
6. Cartela 30 urcari (valabila 7 zile incepand din ziua emiterii) 220,00 + 10 lei garantie 100,00 + 10 lei garantie
7. Cartela de luni – joi (valabila de luni pana joi) (cu interval de minim 5 minute intre urcari) 250,00 + 10 lei garantie
8. Cartela de Weekend (valabila vineri, sambata, duminica) (cu interval de minim 5 minute intre urcari) 290,00 + 10 lei garantie

Garantia de 10 lei care se retine la eliberarea cartelelor magnetice se restituie la returnarea cartelelor.

Tarife parcare

Nr. crt. Tipul mijloacelor de transport Taxa parcare (lei / zi)
1. Autoturisme 15 lei / zi
1. Microbuze 30 lei / zi
1. Autobuze, autocare 50 lei / zi

Piatra Grăitoare (Talking Stone) Chairlift

The Vârtop Chairlift is a modern installation of transport on cable – a debrayable ski lift with 46 seats of 4 places; with a transport capacity of 1400 people per hour. The boarding station is situated at an altitude of 1189 meters, and the landing station at 1445 meters, so the level difference of slopes is of 256 meters, with an installation length of 1108 meters. The ski-lifts travel speed is of 5 meters per second, so a climb is done in 3 minutes and 41 secunte.

For ski and snowboard enthusiasts, there are 2 descending possibilities: red and black slope for advanced skiers. In case of technical failure, the chairlift can be put in operation with a diesel engine, so there is no danger to remain suspended in the air.

Starting from the upper station of the chairlift, you can go hiking on the ridge:

  • the ridge trail: chairlift – Cornul Berbecului – Piatra Grăitoare (Talking Stone) – Bihorul Peak – Taul Mare Peak – Curcubata Mica Peak – Pătrăhăițești Falls – Pătrăhăițești Museum- Arieșeni;
  • a shorter descending trail from the Vâciorog Falls: chairlift – Piatra Grăitoare(Talking Stone) – Vâciorog Falls – Arieșeni;

The reason for which this chairlift bears the name of the nearby peak, is because in the initial project, they wanted to build two chair lifts to link Vârtop and Piatra Grăitoare (Talking Stone) Peak.  For now, only the first chairlift is built and it is expected the financing for the continuation of the second project.

Hot to reach the Piatra Grăitoare (Talking Stone) Chairlift?

The chairlift lies on the border between Alba and Bihor counties, in Vârtop-Nucet holiday village, at 10 km. from the Arieșeni touristic resort. To reach the lift coming from Arieșeni, follow DN (national road)75 towards Vârtop, after passing in Bihor county, on the left side, you will see a small church, follow the road passing near this church another 400 meters and you will reach the base of slopes served by lift.

What can I visit near the chairlift?

Near the chairlift, there are also 2 ski slopes, both of them equipped with a lift: Vârtop 1 and Vârtop 2.

Ruginoasa Pit – a huge wound in the sharp peaks’ mountain body.

Piatra Grăitoare (Talking Stone) Peak  – a rock on top of the mountain that answer your cries.

Vârciorog Falls –a beautiful water fall of 15 meters high.

Bihorului Gates Cave – cave-funnel with a portal of 10 meters high.