• Detailed Description of the Brădet Chalet❁❁

    The Brădet Chalet is situated in Padiș, the famous touristic area in the Apuseni Mountains, at an altitude of 1300 m. In Padiș area, there are dozens of touristic trails, the starting point for excursions to the spectacular karst: Fortresses of Ponor; Măgura Vânătă Circuit; Galbenei Circuit; Bârsa Pit Circuit; Living Fire Glacier; Moțului Church; Rădeasei Fortresses, etc.

    The chalet is situated in an excellent position to visit all the touristic routes in the area.

    Our guests can admire views of the Padiș Plateau while having traditional Romanian dishes at its restaurant. The restaurant of the Brădet Chalet has a capacity of 90 seats. The elegant rustic room windows offer views of the Padis Plateau. Each room has wooden furniture. The chalet has central heating system with radiators and hot water in each room.

    Accommodation structure:

    The frontal chalet, 8 rooms:

    • 2 rooms with 2 or 3 seats with private bathroom.
    • 2 rooms with 4 seats each rooom and private bathroom.
    • 3 rooms with matrimonial bed and private bathroom.
    • 1 room with simple beds and private bathroom.

    The wooden chalet has 4 rooms:

    • 2 rooms with private bathroom / 2 seats.
    • 2 rooms with shared bathroom/ 2 seats.

    The wooden chalet (attic):

    • 1 room with 3 seats with shared bathroom.
    • 1 room with 4 seats with shared bathroom.

    Wooden barrel type houses:

    • 6 houses with 2 beds with shared bathroom into the yard.

    We welcome you!


    • fridge in unity
    • garden/yard
    • living
    • parking lot
    • restaurant
    • conference hall
    • dining room
    • animal are accepted
    • fireplace
    • terrace
    • TV in living


    • bathroom with tube
    • bathroom in room
    • bathroom in hall
    • room with TV set
    • rooms with balcony
    • central heating system
    • minibar in room
    • hair dryer

    The prices offered by the Brădet Chalet ❁❁

    The prices valid on the period: 18.06.2015 – 30.09.2015

    double luxury room

    • room with 4 seats
    • double matrimonial room

    double twin room

    • double twin room
    • room with 4 seats

    triple room

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