• Detailed Description of the Apuseni Hostel ❁❁

    The Apuseni Hostel is situated in Boga holiday village, Pietroasa commune, at 30 km. from Beiuș city, on the road that leads to Padiș plateau. The Boga village lies in the foothills of Bihor, through wonderful forests, cold springs and mountain streams, where you are offered a family atmosphere, the peace and the comfort, necessary for a true recreation.

    The unit has automobiles, ping-pong table, ATV, living room, TV set in room, wine cellar, fitness hall, garden, parking lot, sport yard, billiard, terrace, barbecue, turret, dining room,  playground space for children, restaurant, bar, conference room.

    The hostel has 10 rooms with matrimonial bed, and 5 have also an additional bed. It also has a suite.


    • bar
    • turret in yard
    • garden/yard
    • grill/barbeque
    • parking lot
    • restaurant
    • conference hall
    • dining room
    • animals are  accepted
    • terrace
    • TV set in living


    • bathroom in room
    • room with TV set
    • rooms with balcony

    Capacity: 60 seats in 23 rooms

    The prices offered by the Apuseni Hostel❁❁

    Contact Apuseni Hostel❁❁

     0744 961 297