• Detailed Description of the Padiș Tourist Stop ❁❁

    The Padiș Tourist Stop is located on the Padiș plateau, on the edge of a creek, surrounded by pines, an ideal place where you can spend a holiday or the weekend in very good conditions.

    The Tourist Stop consists of a restaurant where we can receive up to 50 people and the menus can be established by mutual agreement, rooms with 2 or 3 seats, with private bathrooms and 7 holiday cottages.

    Each cottage has:

    • a matrimonial bed
    • 2 bunk beds
    • private bathroom with shower
    • fridge

    We wait for you!


    • bar
    • fridge in unity
    • garden/yard
    • grill/barbeque
    • wireless internet
    • living
    • parking lot
    • river in yard
    • restaurant
    • dining room
    • animals are accepted
    • terrace
    • TV set in living


    • bathroom in room
    • room with TV
    • rooms with balcony
    • central heating system
    • internet in room
    • hair dryer

    Capacity: 40 seats in 11 rooms

    The prices offered by the Padiș Tourist Stop ❁❁

    The prices for the period: 28.08.2014 – 28.08.2015

    Room 4 seats:
    150 ron/day
    150 ron/day
    150 ron/day

    Double room:
    90 ron/day
    90 ron/day
    90 ron/day

    Triple room:
    120 ron/zi
    120 ron/zi
    120 ron/zi

    Meal prices: Breakfast: 15 ron/pers.; Lunch: 30 ron/pers.; Dinner: 25 ron/pers.;

    The prices are listed by the hotel, not by the site. If you are requested a higher price than the one displayed, quit reservation and choose another accommodation unity.

    Vote the prices, positively or negatively, in order to share your experience with other tourists. The prices are valid for one night and are final.

    Follow the discounts for stays / groups and special offers.

    Contact Padiș Tourist Stop ❁❁

     0720 099 590