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    Detailed Description Scăriţa Chalet ❁❁

    The Scărița Chalet is an accommodation unity, situated in Poiana Balileaza, Șaua Scărița. It has a capacity of 18 seats, distributed in 5 rooms with private bathrooms, with 2 and 4 beds. It is renovated and decorated like the tourist chalet in June 2012.

    You will find her a fully equipped kitchen, so you can prepare meals in decent conditions.

    Activities that can take place:

    • Sightseeing of the touristic attraction: Popnrului Fortresses, Live Fire, Ponor Glade, Lost World, Galbenei Keys.
    • Campfire
    • Ratrac rides.

    The Scărița Chalet is situated in an excelent position in order to visit all the touristic trails from Padiș region: Ponorului Fortresses, Live Fire Glacier, Galbenei Keys, Rădesei Fortresses, etc., being located at 2,5 km. from the centre of the Glăvoi touristic trails.

    The Chalet has 18 accommodation seats, in rooms with 2 and 4 beds, all with private bathrooms, an equipped kitchen and a closed and heated terrace. The chalet has a central heating system with radiators in every room and electricity. In the chalet the smoking is forbidden. There is only domestic water. Drinking water please bring it yourself.

    Regulations and conditions

    Because it is a touristis chalet in which there can stay at the same time more people, we ask you that in the common spaces (kitchen, terrace and access lobby) to keep cleaning and after use, to leave utensils and common spaces (kitchen, terrace, hallways) as you wish to find them.

    The boots will be left on the rack from the enterance of the chalet. Under no circumstances please do not go inside the chalet with the boots you used for the mountain hiking, because the drain will be clogged with the mud and the sand on it. Inside the chalet you will find next to the central heating system an external tap, espacially for it.

    The access to the chalet

    The Scărița touristic chalet is situated in Padiș famous touristic area of the Apuseni Mountains, at an altitude of 1200 m, attached to the Pietroasa commune, Bihor county.

    The address of the chalet is: Pietroasa Commune, Padiș area, Șaua Scărița, f.n., and the coordinates GPS: N 46.5928005; E 22.6823349 .

    In order to reach the Scărița Chalet you have at least 3 variants:

    • from Oradea -Deva communication on E79, in Sudrigiu turn to Pietroasa. In Pietroasa go straight on the main road to the Boga holiday village (no locality banner). When entering Boga turn right (there is a placard of 3m / 2m with the Ponorului Fortresses Chalet) and go up 10 km. to Scărița Chalet, located on the left side of the road.
    • from Oradea- Cluj Napoca E60 communication, in Huedin, turn to Răchițele, go on the route: Răchițele, IC Ponor, Padiș Plateau, Scărița Forest Canton. Between Ic Ponor and Padiș Plateau, on a 7 km. distance the road is pretty bad. After that, continue moving 6 km. and after that, you will reach the Scărița Chalet, located on the right side of the road;
    • for those coming by public common transportation, the best option is to ride the bus until Vârtop-Arieșeni and from here on the tourist marking red lane to Ponorului Fortresses Chalet. From here you will continue going on the forest road to Scărița Chalet. Walking of foot takes about 4 hours.

    The prices offered by the Scăriţa Chalet ❁❁

    15.09-20.12 and 04.01-20.04
    Package of 2 nights – 118 lei / pers.
    It includes accommodation in rooms with private bathrooms in the Scărița Chalet.

    Package “You stay 6 nights and pay 5” – 375 lei / person / stay
    It includes accommodation in rooms with private bathrooms in the Scărița Chalet.

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